Shooting Moving Vehicles with Multiple Cameras

On episode three, we shot some fantastic material on go-karts. I designed the lighting scheme for the race track, twice the size of a football field, working to enhance the feeling of movement as the drivers raced through the environment. We wanted to shoot multiple angles from the go-karts so we rigged four to five Canon 5D cameras to a single vehicle.  Due to the small size of these cameras we were able to pull it off without any problems, capturing the scene just as we had envisioned it. There’s no way we could have done this with our standard film cameras due to the excess weight and the physical size of the cameras. Plus, the larger film cameras would have blocked the drivers view resulting in safety issues.

The 5D hasn’t stopped working for us since the season finale. We haven’t done an entire episode with them since, but we use them on every shoot; it’s part of our toolkit.  I wondered how we ever managed without these cameras, they are so special and produce such unique results.  I can’t wait to see where they will take us next.  

Link to Hulu video showing the go-kart scene.

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